2020 – The Year of Clear Vision

My first client of the year had just arrived, and we were checking in. As she talked about the holiday visits with her family , and her goals for the new year she’s thinking more and talking slower. “I’m stuck,” she said concluded. Taking the time to contemplate awakened her to the ways her life felt stuck. She said something about 2020, but she paused in the middle, more like 20…20, and I thought about having 2020 vision.

As she lay on the table and I grounded myself before connecting with her I thought about being stuck. After all, stuck is something we all feel at times.

Once we connected I had an epiphany about being stuck.

We don’t always get stuck because we don’t have options, or even because we don’t know what those options are. Sometimes we get stuck because none of those options feel forward. Or, perhaps more accurately, they feel like they are going to take more energy, more work, than the problems they’ll solve. It’s a caloric equation, where energy input exceeds energy gained.

As these thoughts roamed through my head, I felt her Being soften and the blockage released. Her energy flowed fresh and vibrant.

My goal for 2020 is Clear Vision. I want solutions to be effective, easy and graceful. To lighten our loads. For my clients, and myself, I’m seeking solutions that have a positive caloric equation.

Thank you

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