2020 – The Year of Clear Vision

My first client of the year had just arrived, and we were checking in. As she talked about the holiday visits with her family , and her goals for the new year she’s thinking more and talking slower. “I’m stuck,” she said concluded. Taking the time to contemplate awakened her to the ways her life… More

Letting Go of Letting Go

My client is a young woman, who has lots of stress partially from high expectations of herself. In this session, through my hands, I have an image of her throwing herself around a small padded room, as if possessed. Slamming her body into walls, landing at odd angles. She doesn’t want to be flung around… More

PALIMPSEST! (Manuscript)

I’m proud to say that my manuscript, What If You Could? Diving Deep Into The Healing Waters Of Craniosacral Therapy, is done!!! Like most worthwhile things in life, I found writing a book was much harder/more wonderful than I anticipated.It drove me crazy sometimes; searching for the right words only to realize that it wasn’t the words that… More

Gratitude: Two Hearts on a Feather

A client sent me a thank you card after a particularly helpful session. The card had this amazing feather on the cover so I asked her if I could post it on my blog. Her consent email included this story… I was in the woods with who I thought was the mama owl. I spent… More

Gratitude: Appreciating Rain

If you live in Seattle the ability to appreciate the rain sure is convenient… The session started fine. My client came in, we talked, she lay down on the table and waited for me to place my hands on her. I took a few deep breaths and waited for the usual sense of quiet focus… More

Grief: Letting It Out

Monty usually comes in about once a month, though lately its been more frequently. He has been going through some really rough times, his parents are both sick, his dad terminal. About a month ago Monty was having back pain but we have worked on that and it is much better now. He came in… More

Grief: Fear and Acceptance

Sofia has been coming in for about three years, every two months or so. Occasionally she has physical aches and pains, but most sessions are preventative, to help maintain good mental health. Sofia is one of those people who deals with her difficult childhood by being relentlessly optimistic. Like the character Rob Lowe played on… More

Privately V. Publicly

Years ago I arrived at my therapist’s office a bit early. It was cold outside so I waited in the hallway to her home, far away from the therapy room. After our session she informed me that from then on I was to please not come inside until my appointment time, not pull my car… More

Gratitude: The Hospital Stay

I woke during the middle of the night a few weeks ago, listening to the beeps and swishes of the ICU machines, our second night in the hospital. I wanted to weep with gratitude for those machines that were taking care of my son. The day before started at dawn, with my wonderful, obnoxious son… More


A few year back I made a New Year’s Resolution:  “To bike to work unless I had a reason not to.”  Could there exist a more spineless resolution? But it worked. I bike most days and have noticed, as I ride past the city’s speedometers, that my speed is a little faster than it used to be. Sometimes… More


Few of us live our lives at the optimal pace for our minds and bodies, or take the time to replenish our reserves as we should. If we are going to keep pushing, I wonder what respite, how much downtime, is enough to be worthwhile. Kit is the CEO of a mid-sized corporation. She is responsible for… More

The Pool of Woo-Woo

Since I am a Craniosacral Therapist you may make assumptions about how deep I swim in the pool of “woo-woo.” I need to say that, while this isn’t my first dive I am, generally, in other ways, a perfectly normal person. I did go to Evergreen and to naturopathic school but I also spent two… More

The Blessing

A couple of years ago I took a class from Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. Suzanne developed Healing From The Core, a craniosacrally-based approach. I’ve gained much wisdom from her over the years. I chose the class because of Suzanne but it turns out you should also pay attention to the topic as well as the teacher. The… More

A New Mom

Chandra came rushing in a few minutes late, spilling her tea as she set it down, very apologetic about the small puddle on the waterproof table. She was a young mom with an 8-month-old baby, her life hectic and sleep deprived. She was overwhelmed and felt inadequate, convinced that all other new moms were managing… More

What’s My Line?

WHAT’S MY LINE? The longest running game show ever (according to Wikipedia) was the original “What’s My Line?” where experts guess the contestant’s profession. Of course, the contestant was chosen for his or her “distinctive” (read: obscure) profession. If the experts didn’t guess correctly within the allotted time the contestant won. I want to be… More

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