The Pool of Woo-Woo

Since I am a Craniosacral Therapist you may make assumptions about how deep I swim in the pool of “woo-woo.” I need to say that, while this isn’t my first dive I am, generally, in other ways, a perfectly normal person. I did go to Evergreen and to naturopathic school but I also spent two years at a very conservative Quaker college in Indiana. I live in a regular house, am married to a technogeek and we have raised three children, now reasonably functioning adults. When my kids were kids I volunteered at school, drove to soccer and, occasionally to McDonald’s for chicken mcnuggets. Now I work, garden, walk the dogs, and do normal stuff like watch TV. And I study and practice Craniosacral Therapy.

Admittedly, life would be easier if we could put everyone in simple boxes like ‘I agree with this person’ or ‘that person is a nut job.’ And, of course, we can. But life has more depth if we don’t.

Thank you

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